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Wine Clubs: Are they worth it?

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February 1st, 2017 Posted 3:10 pm

Wine clubs or wine of the month club is an extension to the modern day wine culture. The offerings given by wine clubs are in the form of monthly packages that are sure to drive you crazy if you are a wine lover. Okay let’s wait. Is it so? Are wine clubs actually worth your time and money? The answer of this question can vary from person and we do not blame them for it. There are a lot of factors which pay a central role in creating this difference between opinions when it comes to wine clubs.

Wine clubs operate by offering wine in monthly packages. They are owned by vineyards or speciality wine shops and independent wine clubs are a rarity. They make packages of wine and deliver them to their members at a fixed monthly rate. So, here the question arises regarding whether you like others choosing your wine. Most wine lovers do not like this and this is a fact which can be proved easily with a small survey of wine lovers. But there are others who wish for different taste and quality and they surely are up for surprises in their wine. Hence, it remains a matter of personal choice and again we cannot blame anyone for this.

The themes offered by wine clubs:

Most wine clubs like to create their packages based on themes. This is something which I happen to like. A different style of wine for a different season is certainly welcome. The themes can be designed according to seasons or based on a particular region say from the region where the wine comes from.

Choosing a wine club is like employing a sommelier for providing you wines:

This is another reason for joining a wine club. Most people tend to stay confused regarding the best wine for them At such times it is best to join a wine club and know for yourself whether a certain style of wine is best suited for you or not.

Are the costs reasonable?

Again, this will depend on your monthly income to say the least. I know a friend of fine who liked a wine club but had to drop out during the recession.  The best clubs in the market can actually cost you a fortune if you want to be a part of them and hence it is always better to weigh your options before joining one.

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February 1st, 2017 Posted 3:08 pm

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